Lean Cuisine Gateshead was founded in July 2017. The main driving force behind Lean Cuisine was the need for everyone to have access to healthy, nutritious food. Here at Lean Cuisine, we are passionate about not just eating a healthy balanced diet but creating tasty dishes that allow you to follow a sustainable balanced diet! Our Food Truck is located on the Team Valley and serves healthy breakfasts, lunches and treats as well as hot and cold drinks.

We have recently launched Lean Cuisine Meal Prep. Our meal prep service has been designed to save you time by letting us do the hard work. Simply order your meals using the drop down boxes and then collect them on a Monday and Thursday morning or take advantage of our delivery service. For more information visit the meal prep section of our website.

At Lean Cuisine we truly believe that anyone can follow a sensible and flexible approach to nutrition. The truth is there are no quick fixes when it comes to weight loss or gaining muscle. Both of these take time when done properly and can be done by following a balanced and flexible approach to nutrition. This is why none of our meals are super low in calories or completely cut out carbohydrates. Each dish on our menu aims to offer a high quality source of protein with the rest of the dish being made up from carbohydrates, fats and other nutrients.

Here at Lean Cuisine we are not only passionate about looking after ourselves but also our planet. This is why we work with a number of local businesses to ensure that all of our meat is free-range and sourced as locally as possible and that our eggs come from woodland reared free-range chickens. We also use recyclable and conpostsble packaging where possible as well as offering discounts for customers who bring their own cups. All of this means that when you buy a product from Lean Cuisine you are getting high quality produce as well as supporting a number of local businesses and protecting the environment all at the same time!



Jonny founded Lean Cuisine back in July 2017 having initially came up with the idea in January 2017. Having been involved in sports from an early age, Jonny has always been interested in health & fitness and in 2017 graduated from Sunderland University with a degree in sports coaching. His hobbies include training, cycling, rugby and eating out in local restaurants.


Ryan is the newest member of our team and has been working at our food truck since November 2018. With a keen interest in the health & fitness industry, Ryan also works part time in a local gym and can often be found playing 5-a-side football or watching his beloved Newcastle United FC!


 Calories — The calorie content of our food is worked out using a database made up of all our ingredients and their nutritional breakdown. They are however only to be used as an approximate guide as without further scientific testing we cannot guarante the calories of each meal.


Bacon Muffin - 376 Kcal

Avocado Muffin - 420 Kcal

Avocado & Poached Eggs - 455Kcal

Breakfast Wrap -516 Kcal

Breakfast Burrito - 614 Kcal

Avocado Toast - 322 Kcal

Protein Pancakes - 534 Kcal

Biscoff Protein Oats - 448 Kcal


Chicken Lunchbox - 525 Kcal

Falafel Lunchbox - 620 Kcal

Chicken Salad - 385 Kcal

Wholemeal Wrap - 405 Kcal

Chilli Con Carne - 550 Kcal

Tomato & Lentil Chilli - 498 Kcal

Watermlon & Feta Salad - 249Kcal (404 Kcal with Quinoa)

Avocado & Halloumi Wrap - 546 Kcal

Daily Specials

Chicken Schawrma Pitta - 565 Kcal

Steak Wrap - 560 Kcal

Lamb Kofta Wrap - 528 Kcal

Pulled Pork Lunchbox - 540 Kcal

Chuck Burger - 584 Kcal


Protein Balls - 86 Kcal

Protein Yoghurt - 201 Kcal

If you are interested in booking our Food Truck for an event or onsite catering please contact us at info@leancuisinegateshead.com

Lean Cuisine, Queensway North, Team Valley Trading Estate, Gateshead, Tyne & Wear, NE11 0NX

Phone: 07891988306

Email: info@leancuisinegateshead.com

Opening Hours: 8am-2pm Monday-Friday


Why do you only offer a calorie guide rather than a full macronutrient breakdown?

Rather than working out macros on inaccurate databases, we have chosen to offer a calorie guide to ensure we meet all labelling guidelines.

A sample of our meals have been tested to ensure they are within the calorie ranges we have given and we individually weigh each meal to ensure you are receiving what the label suggests.

If our meal prep packages are successful, we will ensure all of our menu undergoes full scientific testing to give accurate macronutrient and calorie information for each meal.

How long will my meals last?

Our meals are suitable for consumption for up to 3 days from the date of delivery/collection. If you are ever unsure check the use by date on the label of each meal.

What if I have an allergy?

Our menu can be found online and contains an allergen list for each meal allowing you to check the allergens in each dish before you buy.

How do I get my meals?

Meals will be available for collection on Monday and Thursday mornings. This means you can collect your first three days of meals on a Monday morning and then your final three days of meals on a Thursday.

All meals are packaged in microwaveable containers and are fully labelled.

We also offer a delivery service. Simply select the delivery service at the checkout and you will receive your meals on a Wednesday evening and Sunday afternoon/evening.

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